Kaitlin was on the team from 2015-2019

She is currently pursuing a degree in Aerospace Engineering at Iowa State University (currently studying abroad at TU Delft)

When asked about Laser Robotics she said “I think right now it has given me project experience that has helped me and will continue to help me through project. I learned to deal with and overcome obstacles. I cannot express how much I appreciate being on this team.”… “Best time of my life without realizing it. I got to work with so many people, gain leadership experience as drive captain, learn how to talk to different people and deal with certain situations as drive captain, and really do something I was proud of for 4 years of my life. It continued me on my path towards engineering and I will always be happy and proud to talk about my experiences on Laser Robotics. I can’t wait till I am able to come back and see how the team has changed.”

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