Today, we participated in the Dousman Derby Day parade. To start, we built and adorned our float with decorations we prepared a week beforehand. We brought this past year’s competition bot which was on full display on the float to show off our hard work. The float started rolling at 11:45 am with Cannon bot all ready to go and showed how much fun exploring science and technology can be to the surrounding community. We even collaborated with our FTC team by having them walk alongside our float to encourage younger students to take part in this learning mission. We are so proud of our FTC team for taking part in teaching the community about the benefits of engineering. The crowds were screaming and waving for shirts to be shot to them by our beloved Cannon bot! We were able to overcome many obstacles that day, and one of the most persistent was the heat. It was ninety-six degrees! We wound up going through the entire flat of waters just to keep the team hydrated! Even though the heat and humidity were a challenge, we still managed to have a lot of fun informing people about Laser Robotics.

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