Laser robotics kick off was held on January 6th, 2017. The Lasers were all excited to see the new game and the take on the power up design. The game design was a retro game and power up! The new game gave us more ideas for design and the way the robot would function. Would we climb? How basic would our functions be? All the questions got our curious minds ready for the new year. We all are excited about our past accomplishments, but for this year we are buckling up so we can get our Power up!

In the start of kick off we began with the live stream of First competition. When we heard about the different types of challenges, we all would be facing, everyone on the team began to come up with strategies and builds for the robot. Due to the team’s decisions and previous accomplishments, it was obvious that the robot we build would have to climb. When coming up with ideas on how to climb the small spaces tremendous results came out of everyone on the team. The team then was to decide on what our main focus and strategy would be for our game, many ideas were brought to the table during our kickoff session this year.

After our team was done collaborating with each other we all began to put our ideas onto paper. Our ideas blended together and started to form a clearer picture on what to build, our hopes are high this year as we hope to come to see worlds again this year. With our Wonderful sponsors, our majestic mentors, amazing build team, fantastic marketing team, intellectual programing team and our most thoughtful Team Director Tara we are determined to find a way back to worlds again.

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