This Thursday, Friday, and Saturday we traveled to the Milwaukee Panther Arena where we competed in the Milwaukee, Wisconsin regional. It was a fun-filled weekend where we worked for 12 hours straight to compete with other robots. Though we did not make it to the elimination rounds, we were in 2nd place at one point and got our pneumatic and wings to work right.


Our pneumatics enabled up to grab a cube by squeezing it with two arms and lifting the cube. It was designed to work as a human does with reaching down then applying pressure to grab an item. Our cube grabber successfully handled cubes during the 145 second long TELEOP period.


During the final 30 seconds of the TELEOP period, there was the ENDGAME. During the ENDGAME, robots can levitate to gain 30 points per a robot. Our design is similar to that of a forklift in that way that we have “wings” or forklifts that fall that other robot can climb on. Then out robot grabs on to the on the tower bar and uses a system of pulleys to pull itself up as a human would.


Not only did we improve our robot, but we also interacted with other teams. This year was the first year we had a team ambassador who lead Rockwell employees around and told them about first. We also participated in the chairman’s exchange. Though we did not win, it was amazing to see the other presentations and to get the helpful feed back on our own.

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